Without sustained commitment to treating and curing the epidemic of our time, more people in our country and throughout the world will die.

November 30, 2017 Lawrence, Kansas U.S.A.


Lawrence author Molly Krause will be hosting a public event to celebrate the debut of her memoir, Float On. (Available on Amazonand wherever books are sold.) The author will speak and sign her books at Van-Go, Friday, December 1, 7 p.m.

December 1, 2017, marks the 29th World AIDS Day whose purpose is to raise awareness of the epidemic and to mourn those who have died. Despite progress in slowing the spread and progression of the disease among certain populations and locations, experts warn that we must not become complacent. More than 1.1 million people in the U.S. live with HIV, and 1 in 7 don’t know it. ( Globally, over 36 million live with HIV with 30% not knowing their status. ( aids-statistics) In the U.S., black and Hispanic gay men ages 13-24 have seen a 22% and 25% rise in infections in recent years. ( President Trump has proposed cutting back medical assistance to HIV infected persons who receive assistance from Medicaid, Medicare, and the AIDS Drug Assistance Program. ( puts.html) as well as international assistance. ( and-pence-want-to-slash-350-million-from-hivaids-prevention-budgets/)

Though the statistics on the HIV/AIDS epidemic are important to understand, personal stories told by talented writers can touch our hearts. Debuting on World Aids Day, Molly Krause’s memoir Float On explores her complex early life shared with two sisters—the oldest biological, the other an adopted African-American baby. A mother left to raise the three young girls when the father revealed he was gay and moved across the country. Struggles in the family with mental illness and substance abuse. And despite separation through divorce, a coming together of the family to help the father during his illness and death from HIV/AIDS.

Says Krause, “Though my father died in 1996, the story of his illness is still relevant today. When I read stories about spikes in HIV infections among different groups like the small town of Austin, Indiana that has seen an increase in infections due to use of contaminated needles or the rising numbers among young gay men of color, I realize it is more important than ever that we increase awareness of the disease. Hopefully sharing my family’s story can shine a spotlight on the reality of living with and dying from AIDS.”

Float On has received advanced praise:

Rachel DeWoskin, author of Bling, Big Girl Small, Repeat After Me, and Foreign Babes in Bejing:


“In her memoir Float On, Molly Krause gives us a kaleidoscopic view of family life: the episodic atmosphere of childhood, adolescences’ exquisite and excruciating transformations, and the very real joys and tragedies that turn un into fully-rendered adults. She writes with clarity and dignity as her father comes out to the family as gay, as her mother drinks and gives up drinking, as Molly herself comes of age, falls in love, and struggles with her sisters and their parents to keep their family intact, even after they lose their father. From Topeka, Kansas to New York City, from dance rehearsals to family therapy sessions, Krause guides readers the way good memoirists must, by rendering with nuance and complexity a story full of the kinds of love and truth that matter for us all.”


In addition to Float On, Molly Krause is the author of the novel Joy Again and the cookbook The Cook’s Book of Intense Flavors. Her writing has appeared in numerous publications including Brain, Child, Ragazine, and Front Page Review. She lives in Lawrence, Kansas with her husband and two daughters. When not hunched over a laptop writing, walking the border collies Lucy and Desi, or chasing down her teenage daughters, attending adult ballet class in the highlight of her week.


Promotional electronic copies of Float On are available by contacting Krause’s representative at Flint Hills Publishing:


Krause is available for interviews. Contact her at 785.218.4956




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